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How can an artist be expected not to be self-indulgent? That’s the whole thing that’s wrong with filmmaking today. Ninety nine percent of the films you see do not qualify as works of art. To me, art is one man’s voice, one idea, one point-of-view, coming from one person. Self-indulgent to me means it’s one man’s obsession. That’s what great artists bring to the table. When fucking critics or whatever say, ‘he’s self-indulgent,’ I don’t know what that means. 

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Here are some photos from the Q & A my friends and I did after one of the premieres of our film : Sick Birds Die Easy. It is currently available for streaming on iTunes, Amazon and YouTube. In case any of you are interested :)


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Rita Ackermann / Harmony Korine (2010)


Rita Ackermann / Harmony Korine (2010)

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[SPOTLIGHT] Emily Sütterlin Talks About Her Art & Role In "Sick Birds Die Easy" - →

Hey guys, I was featured on LunaLuna magazine today. I talk about my art and the film I was in that is available for download on iTunes and Amazon today !

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"He said that he tought they heard the word its time to die but really it went dogs dont fly. But the guy died because dogs didnt fly."
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My 50 Favorite Films from 2000-2014 

#48. Trash Humpers (2009)

Dir. Harmony Korine

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You should check out my art blog, if you want. I do personal portraits 

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